Puppy Pre-School– Saturdays at  9.30am.

Pre-School  classes are run for pups from 8 weeks until they turn 16 weeks of age that have had their FIRST Vaccination. Must be no older than 12 / 13 weeks to enroll in the weekly classes.

Course will cover but is not limited to the following: And there is always much more

  • Socialisation – appropriate introductions to other people (owners in class), other pups in the class, novel /new objects & household items
  • Appropriate Puppy interactions & play – body language awareness
  • Calmness/settle
  • basic manners

Puppy/Dog – Big Kid Classes – for pups 14 weeks plus and older dogs

Beginner: What is covered but not limited to throughout the classes:

  • Sit in lots of situations
  • Focus on owner/Touch
  • Down/Drop
  • Recall/Come
  • Settle /Over Excitement (mat training)
  • Introduction to Polite Walking
  • Many more fun activities

Intermediate: Course is for dogs that have completed beginner class (or previous training with me or somewhere else) and ready to further their training.

  • Basic dog manners at a higher level than beginner
  • Recall – come with low level distraction
  • Leave it
  • Polite leash walking with low – mild level distraction
  • focus exercises
  • Wait /Stay
  • agility/fun activities

Private Sessions – Conducted either in your home or my head office/warehouse

These sessions are terrific for people unable to attend a class – due to work commitments, times and days on offer or if the dog is not suitable for class environment and for those that do enjoy the personal mentoring and coaching

Things that can be covered in private sessions can include:

  • New puppy or new older dog- rescue dog in the home
  • Pulling on lead when out walking
  • Reactive dogs – dogs toward humans, or other dogs at home or when out in the environment
  • * Barking                                 * Digging          * Toilet issues            * Not coming when called
  • Other problem behaviour or behaviour problems!!
  • Increase the dogs (owners) self confidence
  • Would you like to have a dog that has GOOD MANNERS and pay attention and focus?
  • Don’t delay then contact me today.

Class timetable – can change without notice: If interested in weekday classes get in touch for details.

Pre-School – held currently Saturday mornings at 9.30am

Beginner – Saturday @ 11.15 am  or 4.30pm

Intermediate – Saturday @ 5.30pm

Other Group Classes on offer at times throughout the year

Tricks,  Obstacle/agility,  Sensory – sniffing nose games and more

Contact Kerry to get further pricing & details for all classes and private sessions.   Some dogs MAY require a 1:1 before attending a class as they may not be suitable in the class environment. Kerry reserves the right to accept or decline any dog she feels is not a suitable class attendee at any time.

 Classes are NOT  held on any long weekends.